Stand-Up Lifts


All our stand-up lifts are compliant to European Standard NF EN ISO 10535:2007.


Why use a Stand-up lift?

Stand-up lifts are very useful to allow patients to be raised up from a bed, a comfort chair, a toilet seat, or a wheelchair for safe transfers in a fast, safe and efficient manner.

They allow a single caregiver to lift a patient with minimum effort in order to devote more attention for encouraging the patient’s active participation in the transfer routine.

According to the patient individual abilities, it permits a more active patient mobilization.


For whom?

Stand-up lifts are ideal for patients whose mobility is reduced and have difficulty getting up into a standing position.

It encourages patients’ mobility and promotes dignity during the lifting process.

Qualified as a “semi-active transfer” as the patient needs to participate during the transfer and maintain some stimulus (in at least one of the two legs).

When their mobility is preserved, patients in home or in care environments gain significant physical and psychological benefits.

What you need to know before choosing?

Selecting the right device is essential for maintaining mobility as the use of adapted equipment reduces the risk of injury, both for the patient and for the caregiver.