About our made in France know-how


NAUSICAA Medical has been manufacturing slings for more than 25 years and works closely with health professionals to warrant that our slings perfectly match all patient needs.


We offer an appropriate sling for each of our lifters (also compatible with all stand-up lifts on the market equipped with a hook system) to ensure that patient’s mobility is assisted in the most appropriate manner possible for the safest transfer.


Quick and easy to install for the caregiver, our stand-up lifts slings are compliant to European Standard NF EN ISO 10535:2007 and ensure comfort as well as security for the patient.


All our slings are CE certified in compliance with EU requirements arising to the product’s manufacturer.


The slings are manufactured in polyester, a very easy to handle fabric which provides an optimized and comfortable positioning.


All our slings are in Hospital range and washable at 70°C.


Our slings are in compliance with the REACH regulation which aims to progressively remove the most dangerous chemical substances in the European Union.