NAUSICAA Medical - Patient Positioning - YZA Jacket
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YZA Jacket-1

YZA Jacket

CE certified and manufactured in France, the YZA Jacket is designed to provide the patient a customized and optimized chair support.

Its system of elastic mounted straps avoids the patient compression phenomena due to the tightening straps.

The YZA Jacket is declined under 2 modular versions:
1-the Bust YZA Jacket
2-the Integral YZA Jacket is composed of the Bust YZA Jacket to which is added a pelvic modular element




Made in France

CE certified

For all chairs

Class 1 medical device

In compliance with REACH legislation

Washing temperature: 30°C (Home Care range)

Washing temperature: 70°C (Hospital range)

Home Care range or Hospital range

Size & Dimensions

One size fits
Waistline: 50/145 cm
Buckle: 50 mm


Compatible with the NAUSI-SURE system which is a secure restraining device with a magnetic closure.


– Home Care range : YZA-GB (bust YZA jacket) / YZA-GI (integral YZA jacket)
– Hospital range : YZA-GB-HP (bust YZA jacket) / YZA-GI-HP (integral YZA jacket)
– For both ranges : YZA-MP (pelvic modular element)