Universal Eco Hammock-1

Universal Eco Hammock

CE certified and manufactured in France, the Universal Eco Hammock is recommended for “lifting from the floor“ transfers in a lying position.

Its simple and indented cut on the sides makes it the preferred sling to let it under the patient in a chair as it shows no thickness and folds which cause decubitus ulcers and discomfort.

The installation must be done in bed in a lying position at 180° by practicing a lateralization.

Moreover, it is preferred for the bath or shower, because it is made with a high tenacity polyester net in order to evacuate the water.

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The addition of a removable headrest protects the cervical for patients without head support or during a “lifting from the floor“ transfer.


Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

In compliance with REACH legislation

Weight capacity: 320 kg

Manufactured in polyester (net)

Washing temperature: 70°C

Standard: NF EN ISO 10535:2007


One size fits


HA-RBA-TU (net) / + TAMOV (removable headrest)