Hospital cots for children


Hospital cots for children

An attractive alternative to slatted cots for children.

Completely safe, they don’t leave children feeling “caged”.

The barriers are retractable separately.

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Two standard sizes are available: 60 x 120 cm or 70 x 140 cm.

The standard sleeping surface tilts in the Trendelenburg position in the standard version.

There is an optional pinion-operated backrest.


Electrically-operated height, adjustable from 80 to 110 cm, associated with the Trendelenburg position of the bed base
Manual pinion-operated backrest
Central braking
Chrome-plated IV pole integrated with the bed (2 hooks)


Made in France

CE certified

Fixed-height bed base in ABS (KOMATEX® M1): 80 cm

Sliding lateral barriers, 3 mm thick in anti-shock polycarbonate

Lacquered aluminium frame on chrome-plated rails

Barrier height 70 cm

Lying surface with mechanical Trendelenburg position

Linen shelf in ABS (KOMATEX® M1) 40 cm from the ground

Constructed in stainless steel, oven-baked epoxy paint, standard colour

Ø 75 mm castors (with brakes), dual ball bearings