Quick Toilet Sling

Quick Toilet Sling

CE certified and manufactured in France, the Quick Toilet Sling is recommended for toilet and daily change transfers.

Its extended U-shape completely frees the patient’s buttocks thus facilitating the positioning to the toilet, and improving the installation and removal of the sling.

The leggings and back part in foam distribute the pressures exercised on the thighs.

This sling is not recommended for patients with very low tone.

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The addition of a removable and boned headrest protects the cervical for patients without head support or during a “lifting from the floor“ transfer.


Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

In compliance with REACH legislation

Weight capacity: 320 kg

Manufactured in polyester (jersey)

Washing temperature: 70°C

Standard: NF EN ISO 10535:2007


Available in S / M / L / XL


STO-PE-S (jersey) / STO-PE-M (jersey) / STO-PE-L (jersey) / STO-PE-XL (jersey) / + TABAL (boned headrest)