Air Mattress

Air Mattress

Its compartmented configuration and its adjusted sizes fit any type of 90 cm width bed (bedspring from 85 to 90).

It is equipped with an alternating heel section (4 cells) and a static head section (3 cells) to increase patient comfort.

It enables multiple configurations due to its dischargeable cells with plug and its static head section which increases patient comfort.

Its key features make it a versatile product for both home care and hospital care.

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– CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation): deflates quickly (less than 20 seconds with a patient) the portion of the mattress which supports the patient’s bust
– Top separable cover
– Separable zipper
– Independent cells in polyurethane on nylon frame
– Quick fasteners for the disconnectable and removable cells
– In option, caps for cells discharge
– Transport mode

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Dimensions: 17 x 85 x 200 cm

13 cm air height

4 cm foam under-mattress

Top separable cover for easy maintenance

CRIB 5 classified: antibacterial and antifungal

130 kg weight capacity

Class 1 medical device

Warranty: 3 years (exept covers and breakage)


NA512-MAT85-PM (single air mattress)

NA2512-SYS (NAUSIFLOW 2 Pump + NAUSIFLOW 100-512 Air Mattress)

NA2S512-SYS (NAUSIFLOW 2S Pump + NAUSIFLOW 100-512 Air Mattress)

NA100QTO512-SYS (NAUSIFLOW 100 AUTO QUATTRO Pump + NAUSIFLOW 100-512 Air Mattress)