mechanical or electrical opening legs

mechanical or electrical opening legs

CE certified and manufactured in France, the NAUSI-FLY range has been conceived as an optimized mix between an economic budget and high-end specifications.

These mechanical and electrical opening legs versions allow enhanced maneuverability for daily transfers with their double ball bearing castors.

In addition to the 8 000 N actuator (180 kg weight capacity), the 4-points spreader bar is perfectly adapted to provide a maximum comfort and security to the patient.

As an option, it is available with a lithium battery which enhances the use of the device by increasing the time of use and reducing the charging time.

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4-point spreader bar for an even weight distribution

Large handlebar for ease of handling

8 000 N actuator offering an excellent compromise between maximum weight capacity and lifting speed

4 large double wheels (diameter 100 mm) with double ball bearing

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Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

Weight capacity: 180 kg

Lifting actuator power: 8 000 N

Total weight with mechanical opening: 40 kg

Total weight with electrical opening: 42 kg

Steel manufacturing

Epoxy baked painting

Standard: NF EN ISO 10535:2007