Height Adjustable "TRANSGLASS AA"
cot adolescent-adult


Height Adjustable “TRANSGLASS AA”
cot adolescent-adult

The most complete hospital cot for disoriented adolescents or adults.

Completely secure, it allows patients to view their environment without feeling confined.

Large openings on each side enable carers to perform procedures, and the solidity of the structure ensures safe use.

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Electrically-operated height, adjustable from 80 to 110 cm, associated with transparent head and/or foot boards
Electrically operated leg rest with folding
Central braking


Made in France

CE certified

Heavy base to prevent tipping in the event of an agitated patient

adjustable height, from 35 cm to 81 cm (mattress)

90 x 200 cm sleeping surface – hospital ABS panel (KOMATEX® M1)

Articulated lying surface:
– Electrically operated back rest
– Mechanical leg rest with pinion mechanism

Barrier heights: 100 cm or 130 cm

Maximum allowable load:
– Bed with 100 cm barriers – 135 kg
– Bed with 130 cm barriers – 100 kg

Adjustable actuator height: 8000 N

Safe opening of doors

Barrier panel in 5 mm thick anti-shock polycarbonate

Lacquered head and foot board

Castors with Ø 100 mm dual ball bearings and brake

Stainless steel hinges