Height Adjustable Padded Adolescent
Adult Cot


Height Adjustable Padded Adolescent
Adult Cot

This cot is a variation of the “TRANSGLASS AA“ cot.

It has the same dimensions, the same functions and the same characteristics.

In this model, the barriers and the boards can be 100 cm or 130 cm in height.

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Electrically operated leg rest with folding
Central braking


Made in France

CE certified

Maximum allowable loads:
– Bed with 100 cm barriers – 135 kg
– Bed with 130 cm barriers – 100 kg

Heavy base to prevent tipping in the event of an agitated patient

Adjustable height: from 35 cm to 81 cm

The barrier panels, the head and foot boards are in ABS (KOMATEX® M1), with, on the inside surfaces, PE foam padding 30 kg/m3, M3 fire classification.

The foam and the panels are protected on both sides by a PVC coating, are nonallergic and phthalate-free, M2 fire classifed, with a weight of ± 700 g/m², and easy to clean (abrasion test of 150 000 cycles).

Compliant with directive 2009/48/CE on early childhood.


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