mechanical opening legs

mechanical opening legs

Characterized by its ingenious patented double movement, the new EASYLEV 5 with mechanical opening legs is a high-end stand-up lift as it allows caregivers provide high quality care with the best comfort in all environments.


An innovative expandable lifting arm in 2 parts which can be adjusted to 3 different lengths positions to adapt to each patient’s morphology for the best possible care.
In addition, the lifting arm is also reversable to allow 2 different heights configurations to optimize the sling position:
– on the lumbar region to operate a semiactive transfer
– under the armpits to operate a semipassive transfer
A made in our textile workshop ergonomic knee block manufactured with fabric and foam to protect vulnerable knees.
Equipped with a calf-strap as standard to secure the legs.
A comfortable lined with foam removable heel pad to easily position the patient feet before a transfer.

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Its innovative extendable lifting arm can be adjusted to six different lengths positions for the best possible patient care as it optimizes the sling’s position.

It is equipped with a mechanical opening base legs (up to 90 cm) which permits an ease of access to armchairs or wheelchairs.

Its design is optimized for a soft standing-up process due to the specificity of its combined movement.

Stronger than the previous version, the maximum weight capacity has been increased to 180 kg.

As options, a lithium battery is available to enhance the use of the device and a calf strap to provide a better feeling of safety (warranted 2 years).


The device supports a very low tonicity of the patient’s bust through the combined motion of the telescopic mast and of the traction sling which provides a high level of comfort and flexibility to the patient during the standing up process.
Its mechanical opening base legs allows large widths armchairs or wheelchairs and an ease of access.


Activation of mobility and transit during daily transfers
Combined movement providing a high level of comfort
Opening base legs for an ease of access to armchairs or wheelchairs
Perfected for patients with very low tonicity
Complete release of the patient’s lower body to effectively perform a change


Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

Weight capacity: 180 kg

Lifting actuator power: 3 000 N

Total weight: 42 kg

Steel manufacturing

Double ball bearing castors

Standard: NF EN ISO 10535:2007

Warranty: 5 years (except battery and breakage)


Total length: 100 cm
Minimum lifting height: 75 cm
Maximum lifting height: 158 cm
Total height: 126 cm
Frame height: 11 cm
Minimum base width: 54 cm
Maximum base width: 90 cm
Turning diameter: 110 cm


EASYLEV5ECP-M-PF (mechanical opening-standard battery)
EASYLEV5ECP-M-LI-PF (mechanical opening-lithium battery)

Spare parts