Standard Plus


Standard Plus

The CONVERTISS Standard Plus, whose maximum weight capacity is 135 kg, is equipped with 4 actuators allowing 5 different functions: variable height, raising backrest section, adjustable leg rest section, chair position and Trendelenburg position.

Easy to use, its space saving storage facility is the main interest to Nursing, Care Home and Community environments.

  The Trendelenburg position (and reverse Trendelenburg) is made to optimize venous return to the heart and prevents pooling of blood in the lower extremities.

  As an option, an enlargement kit (up to 120 cm), a full-length side rails and a bed lever are available to enhance the use of the bed.



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Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

Weight capacities: 135 Kg

Total weight: 69 kg

Steel manufacturing

Ball bearing castors

Applicable standards:
• NF EN 60601-1 : 2016 Safety for medical electrical equipment
• NF EN 60601-1-2 : 2015 Electromagnetic compatibility
• NF EN 60601-2-52 : 2010 Medical electrical equipment : Particular requirements for basic safety and essentialperformance of medical beds

Warranty: 5 years


Overall length: 215 cm

Overall width: 99 cm

Bed base length: 203 cm

Bed base width: 83,5 cm

Minimum height: 24 cm

Maximum height: 65 cm

Folded bed width: 45 cm

Folded bed length: 99 cm

Folded bed height: 135 cm