Folding Premium


Folding Premium

Our new CONVERTISS Folding Premium offers the same functions as the CONVERTISS Standard Plus with the addition of an electrical folding/unfolding system for easy transport and installation along with an enhanced weight capacity of 180 kg.

It is a home care electric folding bed which has been specially designed to be installed by just one person; as simple as pressing a button on the remote control, the installer can unfold the bed very quickly.

Head and foot sections can be adjusted for the patient’s comfort and the height can be adjusted from 70 cm to 30 cm from the floor.

As an option, in addition to a full-length side rails and a bed lever to enhance the use of the bed, an enlargement kit is available to extend the sleeping width up to 120 cm.

As an option, an enlargement kit (up to 120 cm), a full-length side rails and a bed lever are available to enhance the use of the bed.



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Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

Weight capacities: 180 Kg

Total weight: 79 kg

Steel manufacturing

Ball bearing castors

Applicable standards:
• NF EN 60601-1 : 2016 Safety for medical electrical equipment
• NF EN 60601-1-2 : 2015 Electromagnetic compatibility
• NF EN 60601-2-52 : 2010 Medical electrical equipment : Particular requirements for basic safety and essentialperformance of medical beds

Warranty: 5 years


Overall length: 215 cm
Overall width: 90 cm
Bed base length: 203 cm
Bed base width: 83,5 cm
Minimum height: 31 cm
Maximum height: 70 cm
Folded bed width: 44 cm
Folded bed length: 90 cm
Folded bed height: 117 cm