The first impression of the CONVERTISS 2 or 3 FUNCTIONS medical bed, which is CE certified and manufactured in France, is that it is slender and simple; a sobriety which contrasts with an obvious attention to detail.

Its crosspieces kinematic allows a great range of movement from the highest to the lowest position, ranging from 21 cm to 81,5 cm.

The lying surface is in PVC foam sheet for a fast decontamination and an easy maintenance while providing optimum comfort.

The 2 functions model is equipped with a translation raising backrest which aims to raise the patient in a secure, comfortable and fast way in order to achieve the best position while avoiding abdominal shear.
The 3 functions model is equipped, to complement the translation raising backrest, with a leg rest section with knee bending providing an optimized seating comfort, reducing friction and preventing the patient from sliding down the bed.

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Concerning weight capacities, two settings are proposed for both models:
– 200 kg to adjust to all patients morphologies
– 130 kg (by adjusting a frame feature) as a low-level bed for Alzheimer patients


It is also available in 3 sleeping widths (90, 110, 120 cm) to fit all body types.

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Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical device

Weight capacities:
– 200 kg
– 130 kg (low-level setting)

Lifting/lowering actuator power: 8 000 N

Backrest actuator power: 3 000 N

Leg rest actuator power: 3 000 N

Total weight: 75 kg

Steel manufacturing

Epoxy baked painting

Ball bearing castors

– NF EN ISO 60601-2-52
– NF EN ISO 60601-1

Warranty: 5 years

Key Features

Patient lifting pole – in order to stand up easily with a very stable point of support

2 types of panels (head and footboards) available in 3 widths (90, 110, 120 cm):
– Wood _ bedroom like fi nish
– Forex _ for decontamination and easy maintenance

Extension kits – easy of installation in order to obtain a lying length of 220 cm for tall patients and compatible with all widths: 90, 110, 120 cm

2 enlargement kits available:
– 110 _ provides a lying surface width of 110 cm
– 120 _ provides a lying surface width of 120 cm

4 wedges to adjust the bed frame height in order to obtain a low-level bed for Alzheimer patients


Height ranges:
  – 360/815 mm
  – 210/815 mm (low-level setting)

Overall length: 2050 mm

Overall width: 997 mm

Height of chassis: 140 mm

Backrest angle: 57°

Leg rest angle: 33°

Side rails height: 440 mm

Side rails length: 1450 mm


CONVERTISS-2F-PF (2 functions model)
CONVERTISS-3F-PF (3 functions model)