Our Patient Positioning range participates in the search for a good posture of patients while preventing falls, is CE certifi ed and is in compliance with REACH legislation. The purpose of positioning is to provide a stable and comfortable support for patients confi ned to a chair or a bed, as its design makes it easy for everyday use and the choice of fabrics makes it comfortable, while being safe. Our range is developed in partnership with health professionals (occupational therapists and physiotherapists) in order to ensure the best possible support for the patient as well as a quick and easy installation for the caregiver. The following products are available in either Home Care Range, Hospital Range or both. The Home Care Range products (washable at 30°C) are made of a foam lamination composed of bengaline/cotton polyester on one face and of jersey/polyester fabric on the other face. The Hospital Range products (washable at 70°C) are manufactured with a lamination of foam, and on both faces, of a waterproof and permeable jersey/PU coating.