Thanks to its innovative vision, attention to detail and high-quality finish, NAUSICAA Medical is the number 1 French manufacturer of hoists slings for over 25 years.


A variety of slings for each specific patient need

Because each patient is unique, it is paramount to select a sling that best suits the patient for  comfort, safety and practicality.

We provide a complete range of patient lifts slings to meet all various needs in compliance with REACH legislation and conform to European Standard NF EN ISO 10535:2007


Compatibility with all devices on the market

For each of our patient lifts, we offer an appropriate sling, which is also compatible with all patient lifts on the market with a 2-point or 4-point spreader bar.


All our slings are CE certifi ed in compliance with EU requirements arising to the product’s manufacturer.


Our slings are manufactured in polyester either in jersey, a very easy to handle fabric which provides an optimized and comfortable positioning, or in net which is ideal for bath and toilet, avoids maceration and is easy to dry.


All our slings are in Hospital range and washable at 70°C.


Our slings are in compliance with the REACH regulation which aims to progressively remove the most dangerous chemical substances in the European Union.


The addition of a removable or sewed headrest, or removable and boned headrest, helps to take in charge the patient’s head and protects the cervical.