Pressure Care Systems

The NAUSIFLOW 2S System is composed of:



It operates in alternating/static modes up to 130 kg, is intended for the prevention of very high-risk levels and is used as a care support for stage 3 pressure ulcers.

Its high-speed pump can manage a wide range of mattresses (air height up to 20 cm and width up to 140 cm) and it features a static operating mode to ensure treatment in palliative care.


– NAUSIFLOW 100-512 air mattress (17 x 85 x 200 cm – 13 cm air height – 4 cm foam under-mattress)

Its compartmented configuration and its adjusted sizes fit any type of 90 cm width bed (bedspring from 85 to 90).

It is equipped with an alternating heel section (4 cells) and a static head section (3 cells) to increase patient comfort.