All our medical beds are compliant to European Standard EN ISO 60601-1 and EN ISO 60601-2-52 for performance and safety which both focus on many aspects including electrical safety, load bearing, stability and durability – most notably on reducing risk of patient entrapment in and around the bed frame.


NAUSICAA Medical is proud to provide you 2 medical beds (standard and folding) for all patients with many features and customizations possible:

1. the CONVERTISS Standard Plus, whose maximum weight capacity is 135 kg, is equipped with 4 actuators allowing 5 different functions: variable height, raising backrest section, adjustable leg rest section, chair position and Trendelenburg position.

2. the CONVERTISS Folding Premium offers the same functions with the addition of a folding/unfolding system for easy transport and installation along with an enhanced weight capacity of 180 kg.


Quality and high level of functionality

Our uncompromising approach to the engineering of a product, from concept to manufacture, has allowed us to produce a range designed for the patient and caregiver in order to manage risk effectively while providing comfort and safety.