Category - STAND-UP LIFTS SLINGS - Nausicaa Medical
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NAUSICAA Medical provides a complete range of stand-up lifts slings for all patients, in compliance with REACH legislation and conform to European Standard NF EN ISO 10535:2007. For each of our stand-up lifts, we offer a suitable sling to ensure that patient’s mobility and rehabilitation are assisted in the most appropriate manner possible. A thorough patient evaluation must be performed before using a stand-up lift so that the most fitting sling is chosen for the safest and most comfortable transfer. Our slings are developed in partnership with health professionals (occupational therapists and physiotherapists) in order to ensure the best possible support for the patient as well as a quick and easy installation for the caregiver. All our models are Class 1 Medical Devices, adapt to the specific requirements of each patient and are compatible with all stand-up lifts with a hook system.