“IXO” Standing-Up Bed 150 kg or 235 kg

Constantly improved, the “IXO” standing-up bed is the culmination of this experience.

Its specific kinematics keep the centre of gravity in the middle of the support polygon and is combined with the strong rigidity of its steel structure.

This results in exceptional stability, providing indispensable safety to the patient and close ones.

It is also height adjustable from 45 cm to 80 cm – bedspring.

It lifts to the strict vertical position (90°) with all intermediate positions.

Its foot board comes to rest on the floor, further increasing stability.

Controlled by 2 remote controls
Cover 200 x 100 x 18 cm with fasteners to the base bed

  • Construction in steel, epoxy baked painting
  • Adjustable height from 45 to 80 cm
  • Maximum allowable load: 150 kg (optional: up to 235 kg)
  • Bedspring 100 x 200 cm, hospital ABS panel (KOMATEX® M1)
  • Electrically operated backrest actuator: 4 000 N
  • Electrically operated leg rest with folding actuator: 4 000 N
  • Lifting actuator: 8 000 N
  • Adjustable actuator height: 8 000 N
  • Castors at head end: Ø 125 mm brake
  • Double castors at foot end: Ø 75 mm brakes
  • Head and foot support in ABS (KOMATEX® M1)
  • Total weight of bed: 229 kg (54 kg of balance included)
  • 3-part detachable stabiliser (3 x 18 kg)

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