Integral Body Holder

• CE certified and manufactured in France, the Integral Body Holder is designed to prevent forward sliding of the patient and to maintain the bust in an upright position.

• It is manufactured in a lamination of foam to provide a complete comfort.

• This model is used with a patient who has not support while seated.

  • Made in France
  • CE certified
  • For all chairs (necessary space between the seat cushion and the armrests)
  • Class 1 medical device
  • In compliance with REACH legislation
  • Washing temperature: 30°C (Home Care range)
  • Washing temperature: 70°C (Hospital range)
  • Home Care range or Hospital range
  • Available in S / M / L
  • Maximal strap length: 230 cm
  • Waistline (in cm): 50/80 – 70/100 – 90/130
  • Compatible with the NAUSI-SURE system which is a secure restraining device with a magnetic closure.
  • – Home Care range _ CBIM-TS / CBIM-TM / CBIM-TL
    – Hospital range _ CBIM-HP-TS / CBIM-HP-TM / CBIM-HP-TL