HOLST Arm Sling

• Our Patient Support range participates in the search for a good posture of patient’s limbs, as its design makes it easy for everyday use and the choice of its fabrics makes it comfortable while being safe.

• CE certified and manufactured in France, the HOLST Arm Sling is designed to prevent or to completely reduce the gleno-humeral sub-luxation (source of pains) while allowing a daily setting up by the patients themselves, without changing the initial adjustment.

• The elasticated strap exerts a vertical traction on the humerus by applying the force of the traction to the elbow and to the homolateral shoulder.

Thumb support

  • Made in France
  • CE certified
  • Class 1 medical device
  • In compliance with REACH legislation
  • Washing temperature: 30°C
  • Home Care range
  • EC-HSTG (left side) / EC-HSTD (right side)