Height Adjustable Padded Adolescent Adult Cot

• This cot is a variation of the “TRANSGLASS AA“ cot.

• It has the same dimensions, the same functions and the same characteristics.

• In this model, the barriers and the boards can be 100 cm or 130 cm in height.

Electrically operated leg rest with folding
Central braking

  • Made in France
  • CE certified
  • Maximum allowable loads:
    – Bed with 100 cm barriers – 135 kg
    – Bed with 130 cm barriers – 100 kg
  • Heavy base to prevent tipping in the event of an agitated patient
  • Adjustable height: from 35 cm to 81 cm
  • The barrier panels, the head and foot boards are in ABS (KOMATEX® M1), with, on the inside surfaces, PE foam padding 30 kg/m3, M3 fire classification.
  • The foam and the panels are protected on both sides by a PVC coating, are nonallergic and phthalate-free, M2 fire classifed, with a weight of ± 700 g/m², and easy to clean (abrasion test of 150 000 cycles).
  • Compliant with directive 2009/48/CE on early childhood.

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