NAUSICAA Medical - Patient Support - Heel Pads / Foot Support
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Heel Pads / Foot Support-1

Heel Pads / Foot Support

Our Patient Support range participates in the search for a good posture of patient’s limbs, as its design makes it easy for everyday use and the choice of its fabrics makes it comfortable while being safe.

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CE certified and manufactured in France, the Heel Pads allow to relieve pressure points and to wrap the foot in a fur trim, preventing rubbings on the heels and malleoli.
Available in two different models:
1. Small model (Home Care range)
2. Large model (Home Care range)


CE certified and manufactured in France, the Foot Support upholds the foot on the wheelchair footrest due to its Velcro strap fixation under and on the side of the footrest.
Available in two different models:
– Home care range model
– Hospital range model


Made in France

CE certified

Class 1 medical devices

In compliance with REACH legislation

Washing temperature: 30°C (Home Care range)

Washing temperature: 70°C (Hospital range)

Home Care range (Heel Pads)

Home Care range or Hospital range (Foot Support only)


Heel pads (Home Care range): sold by pair
Foot support (Home Care or Hospital range): sold by pair


– Heel Pads _ LMTAL1 (small model-by pair) / LMTAL2 (large model-by pair)
– Foot Support _ LMDP (Home Care range-by pair) / LMDP-HP (Hospital range-by pair)