“GOLIATH” Bariatric Hospital Bed B110 450 kg

Its remarkable kinematics allows for a real maximum load of 450 kg and Trendelenburg, anti-Trendelenburg and cardiac chair functions.

The “GOLIATH“ bed has a lying surface of 110 x 200 cm – its overall width (with barriers) allows it to pass through the doors of health care establishments with a width of 120 cm.

Its upper position at 80 cm facilitates treatment.

Its lower position at 42 cm facilitates getting the most challenging patients on their feet – this is the lowest position of all bariatric hospital beds.

The backrest slides in the standard version.

Reinforced drip stand
Double drip stand
2 reinforced barriers

  • Made in France
  • CE certified
  • Constructed in steel, epoxy baked painting
  • Electric adjustable height from 42 to 80 cm
  • Trendelenburg, anti-Trendelenburg and cardiac chair functions
  • Sliding backrest in the standard version
  • Centralised braking is standard
  • Maximum allowable load: 450 kg
  • Actuator lifting power: 2 x 8 000 N
  • Backrest actuator lifting power: 3 000 N
  • Leg rest actuator lifting power without folding: 3 000 N
  • Castors with brakes: Ø 150 mm
  • Lying surface in ABS (KOMATEX® M1)
  • Head and foot supports in ABS (KOMATEX® M1) are standard, lacquered steel frame

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