Fast Adjustable Eco Sling (without headrest)

• CE certified and manufactured in France, the Fast Adjustable Eco Sling (without headrest) is recommended for bed to chair to bed transfers requiring a management of the head.

• The foam leggings reduce the pressures exercised on the thighs and the hooks with two settings (especially suitable for 2-point spreader bars) allow fast combinations for sitting, semi-sitting and lying transfers.

The addition of a removable headrest protects the cervical for patients without head support or during a “lifting from the floor“ transfer.

  • Made in France
  • CE certified
  • Class 1 medical device
  • In compliance with REACH legislation
  • Weight capacity: 320 kg
  • Manufactured in polyester (jersey)
  • Washing temperature: 70°C
  • Standard: NF EN ISO 10535:2007
  • One size fits
  • SST-RP-TU (jersey) / + TAMOV (removable headrest)